The Easy Spine Twist – Sukhasana

The Easy Spine Twist – Sukhasana

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Easy Spine Twist – Sukhasana

This easy cross-legged sitting spine twist will help soften your spine and ease stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders and will help energise you. Please refer to the benefits listed in ‘The Half Spinal Twist’ below as they are similar.

Technique Guide

  1. The spine twist is done on two sides – right and left.

Right Side

2. Sit in an easy cross legged position with your sitting bones planted firmly on the mat and your spine erect.

3. Use your hands to peel the sitting bones backwards and then sit down on the sitting bones. We do this by grabbing the buttock flesh and peeling them backwards as we sit down.This action will help tilt the pelvis more forward enabling you to sit more upright through the spine.

4. Roll your shoulders back and down effectively drawing your shoulder blades back and opening your chest. Tuck your chin in slightly.

5. Place your left hand across your right thigh or knee and place your right hand  directly behind your spine with the palm pressing firmly into the mat.

6. Inhale and stretch up tall through the spine and gradually turn to face the right – twisting clockwise. Keep your back straight and shoulders down.

Point of Focus & Awareness

It is advised in various yogic texts to focus the mind at the point between the eyebrows. This is called Ajna Chakra – the intuition centre. You may also maintain a physical awareness of the spine if you prefer. Aim to hold the posture for a few minutes if possible, always with a sense of stillness, poise, alertness and relaxation. Effortless effort friends! We’re not stressing and straining in yoga and there certainly is no competition between us!