One on One Executive Stress Coaching

One on One Executive Stress Coaching

Our one on one private executive coaching is designed for leaders and executives who want private tuition on how to optimise their wellness and energy levels and how to reduce stress.

This personalised program will help participants to:

1. Maximise personal wellness, mindfulness, health & energy levels.
2. Empower you to reduce stress and negative energies.
3. Be the best you can be in the workplace.

This personalised training will reduce stress levels in participants by balancing the various aspects of the body and mind where stress and tension originate by:-

• balancing the 7 major hormone producing glands

• reducing the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in the blood supply

• balancing the autonomic nervous system

• increasing mental flexibility

• increasing physical flexibility

• helping balance the emotions

• re energising the entire body

• improving concentration levels without the stress

• balancing blood pressure

• improving kidney function

• stretching, massaging and aligning the spine

• relaxing the nerve plexus in the stomach

• helping the abdominal organs become healthy

• improving digestion

• strengthening the immune system

• massaging, stimulating and cleansing the liver

• balancing your metabolic rate and therefore body weight

• improving intellectual capacity

• bringing balance to the personality

• improving eyesight, hearing and memory

• revitalising the hair, skin and gums

• helping you become more mindful

• helping you become more aware

• Improving your emotional intelligence

1. Each participant will receive a comprehensive course manual outlining all the stress reducing techniques, how to practice them and the benefits derived from their practice.

2. Each participant will undergo comprehensive wellness assessment and coaching with a qualified wellness coach (Masters in Wellness). This assessment addresses the following seven categories, as well as the dimensions of importance, readiness, and confidence in each category:

A. Energy

B. Sleep & Stress

C. Life Balance

D. Weight

E. Exercise

F. Nutrition

G. Health Issues

This individual program encompasses 16 hours of assessment, consultation and training usually with a mix of 2 hour training sessions and 1 hour wellness coaching sessions.