Invigorating Your Yoga Practice By Falling in Love ...

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Invigorating Your Yoga Practice By Falling in Love …  Some friends in the yoga world have a very regular yoga and meditation practice. Some practice daily. Some practice a few times per week. Some maybe once a week at best. Of course, the choice is yours. So, how does regularity of practice change things? Does regularity of practice affect your wellness and happiness levels? Does regular practice create more magical changes, experiences and feelings of “oneness”, happiness, wellness and harmony for you?

From experience and having experimented with the various practices for many years, I know the answer is yes.

One of my favourite yoga teachers – Di Lucas, taught me to “fall in love” with the practices of yoga and to really “fall in love” with what the practices do for me. Her wise advice has really helped me remain motivated and inspired with the right attitude towards my practice.

When we practice the various limbs of yoga – which includes mindfulness and meditation – with balance and regularity; we connect more easily to the magical feelings inside us that is our true nature. Our true nature is actually always with us – it’s our natural condition of wellness, happiness, joy, lightness and equanimity. So, the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, yama and niyama will bring increasing purification and corresponding feelings of delight for the yoga practitioner.

So, the more you fall in love with the practices, the more you’ll want to practice … and the more you’ll evolve yourself into a happy, well and beautiful being who carries less stress, worry, anxiety and depression.

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