Physical Benefits of Corporate Yoga

The physical benefits of yoga practice include improved muscle and joint flexibility, improved muscle form, healthier internal organs, fresher looking skin, body detoxification, weight loss and reduced flab, as well as healthier working endocrine, circulatory and respiratory systems.

Yoga postures in their variety work areas of the body which are not normally stretched or squeezed. Stretching and squeezing helps create a healthier body through improved blood flow and supply which ensures that toxins are purged.

The body responds to regular yoga practice by producing more joint lubricant which helps create a more flexible body and joints.

Yoga repeatedly stimulates many of the bodies smaller and larger muscles helping tone all the muscles creating improved muscle form.

Unique to yoga practice is the massaging of the internal abdominal organs. The result of deep and thorough internal massage is healthier and stronger organs making the body more resistant to disease.

Yoga practice is a non aggressive means to reducing body fat and weight and is an excellent way to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.