The Ultimate Staff Wellness Mindfulness & Yoga Program

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Corporate Wellness Mindfulness & Yoga Program

• Maximise your personal wellness, mindfulness, health & energy levels
• Learn how to reduce stress and negative energies
• Learn how to become the best you can be in life
• Learn the art of happiness via body & mind practices

The Ultimate Staff Wellness Program is a comprehensive energy development program that teaches staff how to optimise energy, health, mindfulness and wellness levels so they can be and work at their best.

Our Corporate Wellness Mindfulness Program includes:

1. An introductory 1.5 hour group workshop designed to introduce, motivate and inspire staff to wellness & happiness concepts. Staff will discover how specific mind and body practices elevate moods, reduce stress and increase overall energy levels by balancing the seven major energy centers in the body. Staff will discover what yoga and meditation really are and the benefits of their practice. Staff will be shown the evidence and studies that are demonstrating how you can increase your brain capacity, reduce blood pressure, reduce the effects of ageing, reduce stress, anger and anxiety levels and increase personal work performance and health.

2. A 10 week combined yoga and mindfulness meditation program with 2 options tailored to your staff:

a) 2 classes per week – 60 or 90 minutes each in duration; or …
b) 1 class per week – 60 or 90 minutes in duration

These classes include body work, limbering and specific yoga postures that will:

• balance the 7 major hormone producing glands and corresponding energy centers
• balance the autonomic nervous system
• increase mental flexibility
• increase physical flexibility
• help balance the emotions
• re energise your entire body
• reduce the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in your blood supply
• improve your concentration levels
• balance your blood pressure
• improve kidney function
• stretch, massage and align your spine
• relax the nerve plexus in the stomach
• help the abdominal organs become healthy
• improve digestion
• strengthen the immune system
• massage, stimulate and cleanse the liver
• balance your metabolic rate and therefore body weight
• improve intellectual capacity
• bring balance to your personality
• improve eyesight, hearing and memory
• revitalise the hair, skin and gums

and ….

specific breathing techniques – (pranayama) which will:

• help balance the emotions
• help calm the mind
• help cleanse the blood of impurities and excess carbon dioxide
• help oxygenate the blood supply
• help energise the mind
• help open the heart

and ….

mindfulness meditation practice utilizing specific meditation methods that will:

• help you become more mindful
• help you become more aware
• help you become more spacious and happy in your being
• help you concentrate better
• help open the gateway to higher awareness through intuition
• improve your emotional intelligence

The emphasis in these classes is to successfully combine the practices of asana (body work and stillness postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and mindfulness meditation as the three combined work magically well together to create real and ultimate health, wellness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and happiness. Yoga postures practiced without specific breathing techniques (pranayama) and specific mindfulness meditation methods means that maximum wellness and energy levels will not be attained.

3. Each participant will receive a comprehensive course manual outlining all the techniques taught, how to practice them and the benefits derived from their practice covering the three major areas of asana, pranayama and meditation.

4. Wellness Assessment & Coaching: Each participant will undergo a comprehensive wellness assessment with a qualified wellness coach.

This assessment addresses the following seven categories, as well as the dimensions of importance, readiness, and confidence in each category:

A. Energy
B. Sleep & Stress
C. Life Balance
D. Weight
E. Exercise
F. Nutrition
G. Health Issues

Each participant will also undergo 3 one on one, 60 minute wellness coaching sessions with their personal wellness coach.

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