Chris Wilson - Sydney

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Chris Wilson - Sydney

Chris Wilson is a yoga teacher, mediator and wellness coach. He has developed wellness assessment and wellness coaching tools and recorded mindfulness and yoga nidra audios.

Chris began his mediation training in the Advaita Vedanta Yoga tradition, initiated in Transcendental Meditation in 2004. In 2007 he completed yoga teacher training at Gita International Yoga and has been teaching hatha yoga infused with practical philosophy ever since. Chris’ love of learning and innate desire to help others lead him to further study, graduating from the RMIT Master of Wellness, completing his thesis on the efficacy of hatha yoga on adolescents with anxiety. Continuing to refine his craft, Chris has studied applied Eastern anatomy and physiology with Simon Borg-Oliver and positive psychology with Professor Timothy Sharp.

Currently in Sydney studying medicine, Chris looks forward to sharing his unique East meets West wellness approach.

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