Lucia Ondrusova - Melbourne

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Lucia Ondrusova - Melbourne

Lucia completed her yoga teacher training with the Australian College of Classical Yoga under Swami Shantananda in 2011. She is currently deepening her knowledge of mind, body and spirit in a range of practices like Qigong, Oki-do Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and different meditation and breathing techniques.

Her teaching style combines not only the asana (the physical part that keeps the body fit and flexible) but also pranayama (mindful breathing) and other limbs of Yoga. She believes yoga involves physical practise as well as a deep meditative and awareness process that helps her students on physical, energetic levels and with the mind.

Coming from a corporate background in Slovakia, Lucia then forged a career as an artist and photographer in Australia. Yoga entered her life nearly 7 years ago as another form of “exercise”. Soon she realised the depth of the yogic philosophy and health benefits on body and mind and decided to follow that path.

Her style combines Hatha postures, Ashtanga vinyasa style and some Qigong movements.

In her classes the emphasis is put on the right alignment, breathing and inner focus.

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