Benefits of Corporate Yoga


Physical Benefits

The physical benefits of yoga practice include improved muscle and joint flexibility, improved muscle form, healthier internal organs, fresher looking skinRead More »

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Psychological Benefits – Overview ,Concentration improves,Memory improves, Attention improves, Learning efficiency improves, Mood improvesRead More »

The Evidence

In a recent study conducted by Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and the Yoga Research Society researches discovered a significantRead More »

Return on Investment

Untreated depression results in over 6 million working days lost each year in AustraliaRead More »
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Workplace Wellness is Costly to Ignore

Untreated depression results in over 6 million working days lost each year in Australia.
PwC research shows: $2.30 = an average return on investment
for every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace.


Researchers have concluded that yoga and meditation are a promising intervention for depression and anxiety and that their practice produces many beneficial emotional, psychological and physical effects.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Workplace yoga encourages letting go of comparisons between ourselves and others and accepting where we are right now.

Workplace Yoga is not a sweaty practice. Postures are practiced gently. A gentle, slow and mindful practice can help to focus your attention inward and let go of competition. Slow and gentle can still be strong

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improve your muscle and joint flexibility

healthier internal organs

fresher looking skin

body detoxification

less negative stress

healthier working endocrine, circulatory and respiratory systems

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