Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga Classes across Australia and Canada ... Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide; and in Canada - Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Why Choose Workplace Yoga?

All our teachers are experienced, qualified and insured yoga practitioners.
Dedicated to and focused on corporate health and well-being
Corporate Yoga Classes are customised to address the demands and stressors of the corporate world

Corporate Yoga Classes

We provide corporate yoga classes in major capital cities in both Australia and Canada. Class times are customised to your needs. We recommend a minimum of 45-60mins.

Class suggestions:

  • Morning Motivator – motivate and awaken the body and mind for the day ahead
  • Power Lunch – refresh and refuel the body for the afternoon
  • Release the Day – unwind and let go at the end of the day

Welcome to Corporate Yoga Wellness & Mindfulness with Workplace Yoga International.

It is with much pleasure and delight that I welcome you to corporate and workplace yoga. The various yogic practices will literally change your life in a very positive and magical way provided that you give it your time and effort. It’s like any undertaking, the effort you put in is directly proportional to the benefits you will experience.

Your yoga journey is about the purification of your body and mind and the various practices combine together to create incredible changes that will give you a happier and richer taste in life. In most cases, this means that you will be ‘peeling away’ the negative layers of the body and mind to open you up to what is already within you – your inner, best and true self, sometimes referred to as your true nature.

In most cases, we will spend one corporate yoga class per week together and our teachers will show you the various yoga practices. We encourage you to begin your own personal practice at home if you’re interested in experiencing happiness and wellness on a deeper level. Remember, the effort you put in is directly proportional to the benefits you will experience.

It’s also important that you be mindful of your diet. To purify the body and mind, it’s essential that you maintain proper eating habits. This means eating mainly foods from nature including vegetables, fruits, nuts, and eggs. Generally speaking, the more manufactured the food is, the less good it is for you. Some yogi’s eat meat and some are vegetarian. The choice is yours. Experiment with the food you eat. When you eat, become mindful of how you feel after eating. Notice if your body takes well to the food or if you feel heavy, lethargic or sick after eating. Listen to what your body is telling you. Notice if food affects your mind. Does it affect your mood and energy levels? Notice if you’re eating when you’re not hungry. Many friends unnecessarily eat out of boredom, depression or other negative emotions. Notice if you are doing this.

Finally, in your interactions at work, with family and friends, become mindful of your behaviours, your intentions and motivations. Notice if they’re fuelled by emotions. Become increasingly aware and begin to practice being good to others and try your best to refrain from harming others. This practice will help purify your mind of negative emotions which directly impacts your wellness and happiness levels.

We look forward to working with you. or PH: 0417021639 – Australia and 613 263 5058 – Canada.