Hormones, Wellness & Yoga

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Hormones, Wellness & Yoga

Hormones regulate and govern a variety of physiological and behavioral activities including moods, stress, sleep, metabolism, sexuality, drives and motivations, respiration, growth, sensory perception and digestion; and therefore have a major impact on what we are, who we are and how we perform in life.

Yoga works with the understanding that when these hormonal secretions are balanced we are more likely to reach our full potential and therefore perform better and well. In the Workplace Yoga system we balance the hormonal production of the endocrine glands by cleansing and resupplying the blood through a squeeze, focus and release system done through the practice of specific yoga postures. In the yoga postures, we create a lock or pressure over the gland which helps to squeeze out any old hormones and blood sluggish with toxins. This lock is held for a short period which allows fresh, new oxygenated blood to build up in the surrounding tissue. This is aided by conscious, regular, rhythmic breathing whilst holding the posture with the mind focused at the point where the endocrine gland is located in the body. When the lock is released, the fresh oxygenated blood floods through the gland with a slight pressure from the build up, flushing it out and encouraging the gland to produce a fresh balanced supply of lively new hormones, thereby producing hormonal balance and an improved sense of wellness.


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